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Call in the Mold-busters!

There are many restoration services, but not all are created equal or are operating under the same guidelines. In particular, the mold removal company that you hire should adhere to the international standard of codes set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, recently rebranded as "The Clean Trust.” The Clean Trust protocols are the industry's gold-standard. In Ontario, the company should also be certified by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). It's also prudent to ensure the company has adequate liability insurance.
Mold is a short word with potentially long-lasting consequences to your health and the viability of your property. The remediation of mold must be fast and aggressive and is best left to the professionals.

Scary Facts of Mold

It's just a four letter word, but mold is everywhere and feared by many. A large group of fungal species, mold is active in the biodegradation of natural materials. In nature, this is fine and helpful. Mold can have medicinal uses in a variety of drugs, ranging from penicillin to cholesterol reducing pills. But the benefits stop here. When a building has mold, its inhabitants are susceptible to a variety of serious health problems. The old, young and those with weakened immune systems are especially affected and can develop allergic reactions, asthma and respiratory ailments.
Mold has the ability to grow just about anywhere – on wood, paper and carpet. It just needs the right materials and conditions, including wet organic material that has not been dried, lack of air flow and high levels of humidity. The most common creator of these growing conditions is water. In the context of a home or business, water can come from burst pipes, rain and groundwater seepage, flood damage from natural causes, or as a result of fire intervention.
Fast Action is Needed
When a property sustains water damage, it is essential to respond quickly. Mold can begin to develop within 24 hours. Because it can grow up to one square inch per day, it is advisable to get a restoration service on site immediately. The initial task for a mold removal expert is to ascertain the source of the water and ensure that as little secondary damage is caused to your home or business as is possible. Unfortunately, the dark stain that often tips off home-owners can, in fact, be happening behind the wall or under the floor.
A restoration service will make an assessment of the damage, which will include thermal imaging of the site, to determine the location and source of the wetness. Immediate steps will be taken to stop or repair the source and to remove any standing water. Any contents and materials affected will be salvaged, removed and tested for contamination, especially in the case of sewage damage.
At this point, the restoration process can take over. Dehumidifiers are placed in the affected area to provide the kind of air movement necessary for drying. Media blasting, air scrubbing, negative air machines and thermal imaging cameras are just some of the tools in the restoration company's arsenal. Air testing is undertaken to guarantee no presence of mold – either airborne or visible.
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